Avalanche Skills Training (AST) Level 1

The AST 1 course follows a curriculum developed by the Canadian Avalanche Centre (CAC). Instructional materials & lesson plans are developed by the CAC. SEE  - www.avalanche.ca/cac/training/ast/ast-1 for more information. The Avalanche Skills Training Level 1 Course will provide an entry-level decision-making framework that is based on the most advanced knowledge available. It is suitable for use by people with basic training and little experience. In addition, the course will:

  • Provide the prerequisite knowledge required for further avalanche training.
  • Introduce and promote the Avalanche Skills Training Level 2 Course as the logical next step for gaining intermediate-level decision-making skills.



At the end of the course, students should be able to:

  • Understand the basics of avalanche formation and release.
  • Identify avalanche terrain.
  • Know the steps required to plan and carry out a trip.
  • Use the Avaluator™ as a decision-making tool in areas where trips are rated using the Avalanche Terrain Exposure Scale (ATES) and where Avalanche Danger Ratings and Avalanche Bulletins are available.
  • Find resources for obtaining ATES terrain ratings if their trip is not rated.
  • Find resources for obtaining Avalanche Danger Ratings and Avalanche Bulletins if these are not available.
  • Use appropriate travel techniques in avalanche terrain.
  • Carry out a companion rescue.
  • Understand the limits of their training.

Minimum Classroom Time Requirement

A minimum of six hours classroom time is required.

Minimum Field Time Requirement

A minimum of one day in the field is required.

For a list of course providers please go to http://www.avalanche.ca/cac/training/ast/providers